LV-MYX, Piper PA-31T Cheyenne II (Kit-CH) c/n 31T-7904045

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LV-MYX, Piper PA-A-31T1 Cheyenne II (Kit-CH) c/n 31T-7904045
 - Assembled by Chincul in Argentina.
LV-MYX  Instituto Nacional de Aviación Civil
 - Chincul S.A., 03.01.80
 - Corbal 10.10.01
 - Chincul S.A., 04.09.03
 - Aviacenter SA dec05
W/O - Accidentado en Gral. Pacheco, Buenos Aires, 18.12.2008 - Crashed into trucks after take-off Buenos Aires-San Fernando.

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