LV-PKC Lockheed PV-2D Harpoon c/n 15-1231

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LV-PKC Lockheed PV-2D Harpoon c/n 15-1231
Bu37265 NAS Litchfield Park AZ: wfu, stored 27.9.55/57
N3247G L. B. Smith Aircraft Corp, Miami FL: ex disposals 12.8.57
 - Ben T. Jones, Miami FL 16.8.57/62
LV-PKC NorSur - Cía. Arg. de Aeronavegación, Buenos Aires: prob. not delivered
N3247G Master Equipment Co, Cheyenne WY 11.7.62
 - Henry Birmingham, Phoenix AZ 3.8.62/67
(civil conv. as sprayer/spreader completed 8.63)
 - Dothan Aviation Corp, Dothan AL 8.3.67/83
(wfu open storage Dothan-Wheeless AL 78/85)
 - Globe Air, Mesa AZ 1.4.83/85
sold at Globe Air closing down auction 24.10.85
 - Richard T. Mitchell/ Acadiana Aero Restoration Society, Broussard LA 10.85/88
 - Neil M. Rose/ Rose's Raiders, Vancouver WA 28.9.88/95
(dism. Dothan, wings only used in military rest.)
 - John W. Hirth/ Hirth Air Tankers, Dothan AL later Buffalo WY: fuse. and parts 6.93/02
(fuse. stored on farm near Dothan until trucked .93 to Columbus NE & Buffalo WY for parts)

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