LV-HHE, Avro 748 Srs.1-105 c/n 1543

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Roll Out: El Avro 748 en Aerolíneas Argentinas
LV-HHE, Avro 748 Srs.1-105 c/n 1543 (10)
LV-PUF First flew from Woodford 19.05.62
 - Delivered to Aerolíneas Argentinas.  05.06.62
 - Arrived at Buenos Aires and named “Ciudad de Resistencia” 13.06.62
LV-HHE, Aerolíneas Argentinas re-registered 29.06.62
 - Entered service on 14.07.62.
 - incidentado en 02.03.69 - daños 25%
 - YPF - Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales reg. 14.04.75
 - and painted in YPF full colour scheme 18.04.75
G-BEJD Dan-Air Services Ltd and painted as such on the same date 17.12.76
 - Arrived at Manchester from Reykjavik in full Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales colour scheme 24.12.76
 - CofA issued and ferried to Newcastle 07.03.77
 - Entered service on 08.03.77
 - Interior stripped for use as a pure freighter without fitment of a large freight door 14.02.87
 - Re-entered service on 31.03.87.
 - Ferried from Heathrow to Manchester as DAN7301P for storage 28.03.92
 - Janes Aviation Ltd sold on 15.07.92
 - Delivered from Manchester to Blackpool as JAV78P  16.07.92 (17.07. also quoted).
 - Ferried to Glasgow and entered service between Glasgow and Coventry the following day. 02.08.92
 - Registered to Janes Aviation 748 Ltd (CofR G-BEJD/R2). Named “John Case” after JEA Engineering’s Quality Assurance Manager late 1992 and noted as such  03.08.92
 - painted overall white 15.09.93
 - Company renamed Emerald Airways Ltd. 15.09.93
 - Painted in Reed Aviation’s colour scheme named “Sisyphus”. Reed titles and fin marks later removed. 11.1994
 - Flew to Liverpool on last revenue flight as JEM916 18.02.05
 - After an air test as JEM07T, ferried from Liverpool to Blackpool as JEM65E and withdrawn from use. 13.03.05
 - CofA expired. 29.03.06
 - Company’s AOC suspended. 04.05.06
 - Sold to International Air Parts Pty Ltd. 16.10.06
 - Registered to PTB (Emerald) Pty Ltd (CofR G-BEJD/R3). 12.12.06
 - Registration cancelled as permanently withdrawn from use. 08.04.10
 - Dismantled and fuselage transferred to the Speke Aerodrome Heritage Group for preservation with the wings following a day later. The engines and propellers had been moved earlier. 20.10.11
 - TT 49,914 hours, 50,882 landings.
Preservado en: Crowne Plaza Hotel Liverpool John Lennon Airport, UK - England
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