LV-RTO, Boeing B-17E Fortress c/n 2249

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LV-RTO, Boeing B-17E Fortress c/n 2249
41-2438 USAAF, as B-17E-BO  - 5th AF, December 1, 1941 flown by Jack W. Hughes.
 - Flew missions from Hawaii, then sent overseas to Australia, flying combat missions based at Mareeba Airfield.
 - 19th BG - On June 23, 1942 flown by Frederick Eaton on photo reconnaissance mission over Rabaul and was intercepted by nine fighters and the lower turret stopped functioning. It returned with damage to the wings.
 - This B-17 was later flown back to the United States during November 1942.
 - 40th BS - Dispatched from Pyote Airfield, this B-17 appears in the Hollywood movie "Bombardier", filmed in 1943.
RCAF 9206, Royal Canadian Air Force, as Fortress II.
 - Ordered on Purchase Order CA 000115 
 - Taken on strength on 21 December 1943.
 - Used by No. 168 Heavy Transport Squadron, Rockcliffe, for mail flights to Europe.  Fitted with flip down metal nose cone.
 - By end of the war in natural metal finish, coded "QB".
 - Sold, to Argentine civil registery as LV-RTO.
LV-RTO, Carlos Pérez de Villa
 - to be used as VIP transport.
 - ferried to Bernardino Rivadavia Airport (Morón, Buenos Aires) on 01.03.1948
Scrapped in 1964. B-17E Flying Fortress Serial Number 41-2438

Canadian Military Aircraft Serial Numbers: RCAF 9202 to 9207 Detailed List

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