LV-RTP Boeing B-17E Fortress c/n 2614

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LV-RTP Boeing B-17E Fortress c/n 2614
41-9142 USAAF B-17E-BO
 - Sqdn 907 SPTS, Based at Lockbourne AAB, Columbus, OH.
 - TACGCMF  flown by Fleming, William H  22.09.43    
RCAF 9205, Royal Canadian Air Force, taken on strength 15.12.43 as Flying Fortress Mk. III
 - Ordered on Purchase Order CA 000115.
 - Also reported as Mk. IIA, both designations probably unofficial.
 - Quote from RCAF receiving report: "very delapidated, all the parts being badly worn".
 - Used by No. 168 Heavy Transport Squadron, Rockcliffe, for mail flights to Europe.
 - Extensive damage 23 January 1944, in mid air collision with Wellington, between Prestwick and Gibralter, losing 2 engines.
 - Damage to nose, wings, and tail.
 - Mail jettisoned, returned to the UK, crew received four AFCs and one Air Medal.
 - Nose replaced with fabric fairing, later fitted with flip down metal nose cone.
 - Gear up landing on 19 November 1944 at Rockcliffe.
 - Category C damage at the Azores, 6 April 1945.
 - Carried penicillin to Warsaw November 1945, along with 9202.
 - Transferred to No. 9 (T) Group in April 1946, used briefly for search and rescue over the Atlantic.
 - By end of the war in natural metal finish, coded "QA".
 - SOC with RCAF Dec 27, 1946.
 - Sold, to Argentine civil registery as LV-RTP.
LV-RTP, Carlos Pérez de Villa
 - ferried to Bernardino Rivadavia Airport (Morón, Buenos Aires) on 01.03.1948
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Scrapped in 1964.
Numbers: RCAF 9202 to 9207

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