N65434 Beech AT-11 Kansan c/n 951

Air-Britain Photographic Images Collection
N65434 Beech AT-11 Kansan c/n 951
41-9525 USAAF: built Wichita KS 21.02.42
 - del. ex Wichita to Bombadier Training School, Victorville CA 27.02.42 
 - 712 FGTS Squadron, Ft Myers, FL
 - accidentado en Hunter Field, GA, 11.06.43
NC65434 Harold C. Mattes & Ovid A. Helsing IL: purchased ex War Assets Administration 21.05.46
 - civil conversion completed: upper turret removed and reskinned, bombay doors removed, 3 standard C-45 cabin windows and C-45 door installed, lower nose window skinned with aluminum, upper nose window covered with doped fabric: 5 cabin chairs 07.08.46
 - Parnell S. Billings 15.10.46/50
N65434 Joe Lubin/ Thrifty Auto Parts & Equipment 10.3.50
 - Norman Larson Co 22.10.52
 - Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Los Angeles CA 22.10.52/59
 - Conv. for photographic/magnetometer survey ops. 11.52
 - ferried via Prestwick, Scotland, painted allover vivid orange and fitted with Expediter type windows 20.12.52
 - departed US for Argentine survey contract Union Oil Company (Argentina) 08.10.58
 - op: TAFT - Transportes Aéreos Fairchild Transcontinental S.A. (TSA - Transcontinental S.A.), Buenos Aires 12.59
 - Struck-off USCR due survey contract in Argentina and requirement to be locally registered: however had been retired at Buenos Aires and was never re- registered; 12.59 29.12.59
 - retired, stored Buenos Aires, Argentina 12.59/61
 - due to be ferried to Chile 03.1961
N65434 Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Los Angeles CA: restored to USCR 27.04.61/63
 - (magnetometer ex N65434 installed in D18S N2344 of Ontario Flight Service CA) 10.1962
 - Crown Wholesale Co, Las Vegas NV 18.03.63
 - Certificate of airworthiness 22.05.63     
 - F. G. Perkins/ Skylark Aviation Paracentre, Elsinore CA 02.09.63/80
 - N65434 noted Lake Elsinor CA, perspex nose, "Skylark Aviation Paracentre" titles 10.69
 - N65434 noted Lake Elsinor CA 12.4.72
 - retired derelict, Lake Elsinore CA 78
 - Sanders Aircraft, Chino CA  80   
 - stored Chino CA derelict, dismantled, being used for spares source for restoration of N7275C by Sanders 80
 - Custom Welding & Fabricating Inc, Mooringsport LA 3.7.80/83
 - Beale AFB (East Side), Linda, California, United States.
 - USAFM, Beale AFB CA: displayed all metallic, red cowlings, AT-11 nose, no control surfaces, “901” on tailplane 83/96
 - “901” noted at Beale AFB 9.90, 11.90, 3.96, 10.96
 - USAFM, Beale AFB CA: displayed all metallic, red cowlings, AT-11 nose, no control surfaces, “901” on tailplane 18.3.96
 - Beale AFB Museum closed 2006
"44951", preservado en: 122nd Bomb Squadron - Jackson Barracks Military Museum, Arabi, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

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