0238 3-G-2 Canadian Vickers PBV-1A Canso c/n CV-275

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0238 3-G-2  Canadian Vickers PBV-1A Canso c/n  CV-275
 - Construido por Canadian Vickers, Montreal
RCAF 9841 Taken on strength at EAC - Eastern Air Command, 4 October 1943
 - Coded “A” of No. 162 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Squadron, one of the first squadron aircraft sent to Iceland, transiting Bluie West 1 In Greenland on 5 January 1944. 
 - Back to Nº 4 Repair Depot at Scoudouc, NB on 24 May 1944 for major inspection. 
 - Back to EAC on 17 June 1944. 
 - Based at RAF Wick, Scotland on 30 June 1944, when Flight Lieutenant R.E. MacBride and crew, damaged U-478 at 63-27N 00-50W; the U-boat was subsequently sunk by a Consolidated Liberator Mk V of No. 86 (RAF) Squadron, RAF Tain, Scotland.  Some sources still list the kill to 9841. 
 - Damaged U-300 in attack on 4 August 1944, at 62-25N 14-30W. 
 - No. 4 Repair Depot on 30 October 1944 for major inspection. 
 - No. 1 Air Command for storage on 17 September 1945, reported serviceable on that date. 
 - Stored post war at Ancienne Lorette, PQ.
 - Struck off, to War Assets Corporation for sale, 30 June 1947
0238 Armada Argentina, Comando de Aviación Naval 31.10.1947    
- Características:
  • 2-P-6 Escuadrilla de Patrulleros de la Fuerza Aeronaval de la Zona Naval Marítima. BACE, 1953.
  • 2-P-13 Utilizado para las pruebas operativas del sistema RATO en Catierville (Montreal). Arribó al país el 31.10.47
 - Aterrizaje forzoso en ia Base Aeronaval Comandante Espora el 30.09.48, reparado.
  • 2-P-6 Escuadrilla de Patrulleros/Escuadra Aeronaval N"2, 08.06.49 - 1" Escuadrilla de Patrulleros entre 1955 y 1957
  • 5-P-2 Grupo Aeronaval de la Flota, 07.11.1958. donde sirvió hasta el 13/5/1959,
  • 3-G-2 EAPG de Punta Indio el 03/03.1964, dado de baja en 1964

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