Douglas "Propeller-driven transports" en Argentina

  • DC: Douglas's Chicago, Illinois
  • DK: Douglas's Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Douglas plant produced 5,354 C-47s from March 1943 until August 1945. The plant built thirteen planes per day during peak performance and fabricated spare parts for five hundred more "Gooney Birds." The plant also assembled parts for four hundred C-54 Skymaster Big Brother military transport planes and nine hundred A-26 Invader "attack" bombers. As many as thirty-eight thousand Oklahomans labored at the Douglas plant, and more than half were women.
  • DL: Douglas's Long Beach, California.
  • DO: Douglas's Santa Monica, California. 
  • DT: Douglas's Tulsa, Oklahoma plant. A total of 1200 were ordered in November of 1942, but 585 were cancelled. The 615 A-24Bs built bore the USAAF serials 42-54285 to 42-54899.
  • "Dakota": Douglas Aircraft KOrpotation Transport Aircraft
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